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How do you calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) on an ERP System?

Traditionally a ROI calculation on software implementation is based on the knowledge that a business will see instant tangible benefits from the new software as soon as it is installed. However, as an ERP solution usually means an improvement in business processes and procedures this can take some time to become measurable or even apparent. Therefore whilst it is easier to calculate the cost of an ERP solution, it is difficult to put a figure on the expected efficiencies and business improvements, as several gains from installing and ERP are vague and difficult to measure.

Accounting Processes

Learn about accounting processes in EXO Business and the journals they produce

MYOB EXO Accountant's Assistant

This short overview gives an introduction to the features available in the MYOB EXO Accountant's Assistant module.

Introduction for Accountants

Learn about how MYOB EXO Business can be used by accountants and external advisors.

Momentum Referral Program

When you know a business that needs to upgrade from their off-the-shelf software such as MYOB AccountRight, Quickbooks or XERO. MYOB Enterprise Solutions is the MYOB midmarket product range specially designed for businesses that:

  • are experiencing growth and have outgrown traditional software products like MYOB AccountRight or Quickbooks
  • need to sharpen their processes to improve productivity and get a deeper understanding of how their business is running.

Download the pdf for more information on our referral program.

About Momentum Software Solutions

Momentum Software Solutions are an award winning MYOB Enterprise Solutions (EXO) Platinum Partner. Momentum Software Solutions provide MYOB Enterprise Solutions to businesses throughout Queensland, Northern NSW, Northern Territory and beyond. MYOB Enterprise Solutions is the MYOB midmarket product range specially designed for businesses that:

For IT Consultants - How to Create a new EXO Connection

A step by step guide for IT Consultants, on how to set up a new MYOB EXO Connection.

Download pdf for full instructions.

How to identify an EXO ready client

MYOB EXO is very competitive in the area where business are heading to outgrow their off-the-shelf business / accounting software. Although we are targeting businesses with ideally 10-20 or more employees, we have provided some useful guildelines for you below.

Our ideal customer has one or more of the following attributes:

IT Consultants Overview for MYOB EXO Software

RE:      IT Requirements for Momentum and MYOB EXO Software

 The purpose of this document is to provide important information about the IT environment and deployment of MYOB EXO Software. We hope this document assists IT professionals in managing an environment in which EXO can operate and understand key aspects of the deployment of EXO software.

MYOB EXO Product Features

This document provides a snapshot of the features of each module of MYOB EXO.