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Timesheet Advantage - How it works



Timesheet Advantage is a custom solution developed by Momentum Software Solutions to assist in time entry for MYOB EXO Job Costing and Payroll.

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Creating a New Duplicate Job

A duplicate job can be easily created using an existing job as a starting point. If there are sub-jobs attached to the job being duplicated a prompt will appear to confirm whether the sub-job(s) are to be included. It is not necessary to duplicate all sub-jobs - you can select the sub jobs required to be duplicated.

Bills of Materials

Learn about the different kinds of Bills of Materials and how to set up and use them.

Managing Inventory

Learn how to manage your inventory using Stock items.

How to post closing WIP (work in progress) in MYOB EXO Business

Go to the End of Month menu

Run a WIP Valuation Report for the end of the month

Note the Grand Total for WIP at Cost or WIP at Sell (check with your accountant on which value to use)

Post this figure using the Post Closing Stock utility

See the attached document for detailed instructions

How to Use Activities in Job Costing

The pdf below has steps that show how to sep up an appointment or a task from within a job. This will then show in the EXO Task Scheduler.

Hints on managing your WIP

This article describes our suggestions for managing your Work In Progress from an Accounting point of view.

How to Copy an Existing Job

The following procedure will demonstrate how to simply copy an existing job to a new Job. This will save a lot of time by not having to rekey a new job and reduce the potential for errors.

How To Invoice Sub-Jobs from a Master Job

Click the link below to find out how to invoice Sub-Jobs from a Master-Job.

How to Activate Spell Check in Exo Job Costing

User must have Administrator access on to perform the following procedure.