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Overview - Dennis Computers and Backup Services is a computer and peripherals retailer in Wulguru (Townsville), Queensland. 

Using the tagline ‘Quality computer systems without the scary price’.the Microsoft Gold Partner and Cisco Small Business Partner prides itself in providing honest, affordable products and services. 

Impeccable customer service is key to Dennis Computers’ ethos, but maintaining that is dependent on the business having a firm grasp on its internal processes and a clear view of the sales order process.  That is only possible with the right business management software.

Outgrowing your existing system - Dennis Computers had been using MYOB Premier since the business started in 1996.  “We liked Premier,” says Dennis Evans, founder of the company.  “It was simple to use and gave us all the information we needed, at least in the beginning.”  Inevitably as business grew, Premier started to show its limitations.  “We needed better inventory management, serial number tracking and job costing,” says Evans.  So, in 2007, the business started looking at possible replacements.

The right functionality - “We looked at QuickBooks,” says Evans, “but found it too complicated. EXO, from what we could see in the MYOB website, was a little closer to what we were after.  “It was the complete accounting package,” he continues, “with serial number tracking from purchase through to sale. It’s modular too, which meant we only had to purchase what we actually needed”.  Dennis Computers contacted a local EXO specialist in the area and arranged to test the system. Four weeks later, they went ahead with the installation.

False start - Dennis Computers’ first experience with EXO wasn’t as smooth as hoped.  “The partner we worked with were terrific in the sales phase,” says Evans, “but they arrived with a corrupted database. Instead of training our staff, they spent most of their time fixing errors, which was far from ideal”.  So Evans and his team turned to another MYOB implementation partner – Momentum.  Momentum came to the rescue, first fixing the errors from the initial installation, then providing ongoing support.  “It’s fair to say it wasn’t until we partnered with Momentum that we realised EXO’s full potential,” says Evans.  “Our experience really shows you the importance of having a support partner on board who understands both your own business and the software they’re implementing,” he continues.  “We can turn to Momentum and ask for a new report and feel confident they understand what we want.  That’s real peace of mind.”

The right fit - Evans says they didn’t need much in the way of additional customisation – just a few tweaks to invoices and quotes, and a couple of additional reports.  “EXO in its standard form suits Dennis Computers quite well,” says Al Emery of Momentum.  “It was important that certain forms were tailored to their way of working,” he adds, “but on the whole their requirements were pretty straightforward”.

Seeing improvements across the board - Now that EXO has been set up properly, Dennis Computers can see a number of significant benefits.  “The most noticeable change,” says Evans, “is the speed. EXO is a lot faster than Premier”.  Premier uses a flat file database. EXO, on the other hand, uses a two-layer SQL approach that is much more efficient over a network and significantly increases performance.  “In time,” says Evans, “I’m hoping MYOB will consider expanding to a three-layer approach. With EXO’s business rules installed on a server, you’d no longer need ODBC setups and that would simplify the installation process.  “For now though, the current SQL set up really makes a difference.”  Managerial visibility has improved too.  “I can now trace orders via serial numbers, and track purchase and sales histories for every item,” says Evans.  This saves a huge amount of time, especially when queries or warranty claims arise.  According to Evans, the ability to produce reports that have real meaning to the business is a real plus with EXO too.  “Compared with Premier, reporting in the two systems is like chalk and cheese,” he says.  “Premier offers you pre-canned reports. EXO lets you tailor reports as you choose.  “That gives us exactly what we want – flexibility for the future.”

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