Prepare yourself for a stress-free End of Financial Year by exploring
Momentum’s MYOB Advanced EOFY Info Hub.

The following page is intended as a resource for users running EOFY processes in MYOB Advanced.

Note: The information contained on this page is intended to be a guide for using your software. It is not accounting, bookkeeping or payroll advice. You should seek advice or clarification from your professional advisor in respect of these matters.

EOFY Resources for MYOB Advanced Payroll

The below procedures guide explains the compliance changes related to MYOB Advanced Payroll for the 2024-25 financial year.

For supervisors or payroll administrators who run end of financial year procedures, you’ll also find how to prepare for the new financial year in MYOB Advanced Payroll.

Video Resources for EOFY in MYOB Advanced Payroll

On-demand Webinar: MYOB Advanced Payroll EOFY Best Practice 2024

Watch a recording of Momentum’s 2024 MYOB Advanced Payroll EOFY Best Practice Webinar.
This free training session covers things to be aware of this end of financial year and will walk you through best practice payroll procedures to ensure you have a stress free EOFY. 

EOFY in MYOB Advanced Business

To equip your business for running EOFY procedures in MYOB Advanced Business we encourage you to view the below videos. These detailed videos will walk you through the necessary steps for Inventory Reconciliation, Cash Management Transactions, Receivables, Payables & Finance, Fixed Assets and, importantly, the process of closing the Financial Year. 

Note: Don’t forget to open your next financial year calendar. Click the button below for detailed steps on how to complete this.