Accountants and Bookkeepers – help your clients benefit from MYOB EXO Business

Accountants have great opportunities to add value for their clients that use MYOB EXO Business.  Here’s a few ways how:-

Cost Centre Accounting – many businesses using EXO have multiple divisions or outlets.  EXO handles this easily using Branches.  Unlimited Branches can be created without altering the chart of accounts.  Reports (e.g. P&L, Budget Comparison) can be run for any Branch or Branches.

Budgets & Forecasts – the Accountant and their client work together on budgets and comparative reporting.  Often this is done in excel and reports (e.g. P&L) are exported from MYOB AccountRight to excel for comparative reporting.  EXO supports multiple budgets and forecasts for the whole business and each branch.  Budgets can be exported and imported from excel.  Load your budgets to EXO and the comparative reporting becomes a breeze.

End of Period and BAS Assistance – use EXO’s Accountant’s Assistant to access your clients’ information and perform the same tasks you were doing previously in AccountRight.  The Accountant’s Assistant puts all the key accounting functions and reports in once place including check-lists to check off your end of period or end of year processes.

Fixed Assets Register – Help your client setup and operate EXO’s fixed asset register.  It’s fully integrated with the general ledger and can post depreciation each month as well as tracking all asset purchases, sales, write-offs and revaluations.

How do I get started? – If you are an Accountant for one of clients we provide free training and assistance to help you get to know the EXO Accountant’s Assistant and help you add value to your clients’ business using the many great features available in EXO.  Check out our knowledge base or request assistance at  pH 07 5479 1877.