EXO 2015.3 Release

Entirely new ways to monitor business performance

The latest release of MYOB EXO features three significant enhancements to the EXO OnTheGo app. 

Enhanced reporting capabilities

MYOB have developed reporting functionality for EXO OnTheGo. Reports created in EXO can now be rendered in the app, extending the insight you gain from EXO beyond your desk.

New notifications feature

The Business Alerts feature can now be used to send notifications to a mobile device using the EXO OnTheGo app. When you are not logged into your application you will receive notifications. The content of the notifcation can contain shortcut actions which will open EXO OnTheGo and take you directly to related content.

Search like never before

Improvements to the company search feature have been made to make it faster to find the companies you wany. The EXO OnTheGo app means all the tools you’re used to accessing are now more convenient and available on the go. 


API’s are opening new worlds of possibilities for MYOB EXO

In this latest release MYOB have also introduced new processes that makes it easier for applications to interface with MYOB EXO. This means a whole world of add-ons are potentially available to MYOB EXO clients.

For more information on the EXO 2015.3 Release, click on the Release Notes below.

Source: MYOB