EXO 2015.5 is here!

The 2015.5 release of EXO is here, and includes a range of improvements across the EXO Business System. So what’s new?

Changes to Supported Platforms

This release adds support for Office 2016 and Windows 10, making EXO 2015.5 the only version that supports these platforms.

Updates to GL Searching

This release adds the ability to set up search templates for GL accounts and GL subaccounts. When creating search templates in EXO Business Config, new options for “General Ledger Account” and “General Ledger Subaccount” are available in the Search Template Type dropdown:

GL search templates are now available on the standard General Ledger Account Search window: 

Bank Feeds in Bank Reconciliations

The Bank Feeds feature introduced in the 2015.4 release has been enhanced and extended by incorporating the Bank Reconciliation process – transaction matches made with Bank Feeds now form the direct basis of an automated bank reconciliation. This makes this version a must have for Bank Feeds users.

Performing a Bank Feeds Reconciliation

When starting a new bank reconciliation, a new Bankfeed option is available on the New Bank Reconciliation window, if bank feeds have been set up for the selected bank account:

When performing a Bank Feeds reconciliation, all transactions matched by Bank Feeds are highlighted green. Clicking on a green transaction on one side of the window automatically highlights the matched transaction on the other side.

Company Search Templates in EXO CRM

Company search templates can now be used on Company Search windows in the EXO CRM module:

Integrated Cashbook Update

A Subledger Account column has been added to the Integrated Cashbook: This brings the Integrated Cashbook window in line with the Bank Feeds Transaction Entry window that was introduced with Bank Feeds in EXO Business 2015.4.


For more information on the EXO 2015.5 Release, see the Release Notes below.