EXO Business 2016.2 has arrived


The 2016.2 Release of EXO Business is here, with a bunch of new features requested by you, the users of MYOB EXO.


Updates to the Purchase Orders Window

Exciting for almost all users is the inclusion of the single most requested feature based on user feedback. That being enhancements to purchase order entry that incorporate recent enhancements pioneered in sales orders entry.  Utilitising workflow customisation features, such as search templates, line-level Extra Fields and grid column controls, paste to grid etc. These allow you to further customise, refine and enhance the purchase order entry process to better suit your business process requirements.

New Grid

The main grid on the Purchase Orders window has been replaced with a new grid control, adding extra functionality such as copy-paste functionality, the ability to hide and re-order columns, the ability to add Extra Fields to the grid and use search templates. 

Clicking on a cell in the grid and dragging allows you to select multiple cells across one or more lines. The right-click menu for the new grid includes options to copy and paste the selected cells, so you can, for example, copy the cells to a spreadsheet, edit them, then paste the edited data back into the grid.


Stock Search Templates

Stock search templates are now available when searching for stock from the Purchase Orders window. When opened from a Purchase Order, the Stock Search window contains a dropdown that allows you to select a search template to apply:



Taxable Payments Annual Report (AU)

For Australian users involved in construction related activity, there is a new cloud-based Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) submission process using Standard Business Reporting (SBR). Previously, this annual report has been a significant pain point for users each year, as it has been very complex and time-consuming to submit electronically or manually in the past. 

The Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) can now be submitted to the ATO electronically. 

Clicking the SBR button opens a confirmation window that displays details of all payments that will be submitted:


GL Trial Balance Tree Options

New options are available on the GL Trial Balance Tree window:



Display of Currency Symbols

The currency symbols that can be defined for different currencies, e.g. €, £, ¥, are now displayed on all relevant common windows such as the Debtor and Creditor account detail windows, and the Purchase Order and Sales Order search grids, as well as on numerous reports.


For the full release notes, see attached