EXO Employer Services 2016.01 Compliance Release


The 2016.01 release contains compliance updates for the 2016–2017 payroll year. This release can be installed prior to 1 July 2016; compliance changes are not activated in the product until the relevant date. The 2016.01 release also includes new features for setting up test companies, updates to the Employee List and Pay List windows, and fixes to issues identified in previous releases.


Changes to Tax Tables

This release includes the PAYG tax tables for the 2016–2017 payroll year, as well as the income thresholds and repayment rates that apply to the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) and Student Financial Supplement Scheme (SFSS) for the 2016– 2017 payroll year. MYOB EXO Payroll automatically applies the new rates and thresholds for pay periods that end on or after 1 July 2016.


Test Companies

This release adds the ability to set up one test company for each company in the EXO Employer Services system. Test companies have restricted functionality, but do not count towards your licensing limits, so you can use them to test out configuration changes without affecting the original company. 


Updates to the Pay List and Employee List

New Pay Detail Filter

A new filter has been added to the Pay Details window, which lets you filter the list to show only Permanent, Casual or Temporary employees.


Adding Employees to a Pay

Clicking the Add button on the Pay Details window now opens a selection window where you can choose one or more employees to add to the selected pay:


New List Columns

New columns are available on the Employee List, giving access to a wide variety of employee properties. Employee Superannuation and Employer Superannuation columns have also been added to Pay Details window that opens from the Pay List. 


Reset All Button

It is now possible to reset all employees’ pays when accessing a pay from the Pay List window. A Reset All button has been added to the Pay Details window that opens when a pay has been selected:


Clicking the Reset All button lets you clear or reset the pays of all listed employees (i.e. only those employees who match the current filter settings will be affected, which may not be all employees in the pay). 


Historical Records

New Historical options are now available on the maintenance windows for Deductions, Cost Centres, Allowances and Departments:


For the full list of features and compliance updates, please see the Release Notes below.