MYOB Advanced 2017.1 has arrived!

With each new release, MYOB continues to improve and expand on MYOB Advanced in order to make users’ lives that little bit easier. The 2017.1 release introduces some fantastic new functionality, dashboards, analytics & reporting tools, and further performance improvements.

What’s in the update?

CRM Enhancements

  • Reduce time spent entering opportunities by viewing and modifying contact data directly within an opportunity.

Multi-entity and pay run improvements for MYOB Advanced People

  • Launched in February, MYOB Advanced People is getting updated.
  • These changes offer greater support for organisations that pay employees across multiple entities. Payroll processing now looks up employee branch details to simplify branch GL reconciliation and batch pay runs across multiple branches.
  • Improved bulk operation for employees has been added to the pay run form. The ability to multi select employees and remove from a pay and reset to standard pay for selected employees improves pay run operations.

Dashboard Enhancements & New KPI Reporting

  • MYOB have made it easier to add new dashboards, manage existing dashboards, and configure widgets on dashboards.
  • Dashboard management and personalisation can be configured based on dedicated user roles.
  • There are new view and design modes and predefined layouts for dashboards to save users time.
  • MYOB have introduced a new powerful performance measurement tool, a KPI trend and scorecard widget. KPI widgets will compare a specified measure against a specified target or historical value and graphically display whether the business is operating above, below or within specified measures.

New Pivot Table Reporting

  • Now you can build pivot table reports in MYOB Advanced.
  • MYOB have added an engine which creates the pivot using your data in MYOB Advanced.
  • Pivot tables allow for grouping, sorting, counting and totalling of data, displaying the summarised data to the user.


Approvals of Expense Receipts and Accounts Payable Documents 

  • MYOB Advanced now provides the ability to approve expense receipts submitted by employees of your company. 
  • Designated employees can now also approve Accounts Payable documents before they are processed in the accounting system and paid. 


… and more

In addition to the above, there are many more improvements to MYOB Advanced Business in this update including a new REST API, enhancements to the accounts receivable parent-child functionality, and the ability to receive a partial quantity of stock items in transfers. 

See full release notes