MYOB EXO Employer Services 2015.3 is here!


The 2015.3 release of MYOB EXO Employer Services is here, with a whole bunch of new features for EXO Payroll and EXO Employee Information.

More visibility with new list windows

Two new list windows are available in EXO Payroll for viewing employees and pays. These windows provide easy access to all employees and pays in the system by displaying a filterable list of records, as well as action buttons that let you create, view, edit or report on records.


Updates to Superannuation Providers

The Superannuation Provider Maintenance window has been redesigned to be clearer and easier to use.



Streamline payroll with new reporting updates

Preview Payslips with one click

A new View Payslip button is available when managing employees’ Current and Standard Pays. Clicking this button opens a preview payslip report showing the details of the pay being viewed. A View Payslip button is available on the Current Pay window, on the Standard Pay tab of the Employee Maintenance window, and on the View Hours Paid History window (opened from the Leave Entitlements tab of the Employee Maintenance window)

New Report Distribution Options

Options that determine the default distribution settings for employees, i.e. whether reports should be distributed to them by email, print, and/or MyStaffInfo, are now available in the Standard Settings section of the Setup Payroll window:

Reporting on physical pay date for greater flexibility

A new Select Pay Using option has been added to the following reports:

  • Allowance History
  • Deduction History
  • Non-Cash Benefit History

This option lets you report on pays using the Pay Period End Date or Physical Pay Date (previously, these reports always reported on Pay Period End Date).



Updates to the Leave Entitlement Adjustment Utility

Three new columns have been added to the Leave Entitlement Adjustment Utility, displaying employees’ Carry Over, Accrued Taken and Balance values:


Awards and Pay Classes

The Awards and Pay Classes utility, which was previously only available as a special application, is now included in EXO Payroll as a standard utility. Selecting the new Awards and Pay Classes option in the Utilities menu opens the utility, which lets you set up awards and pay classes, then assign them to employees.


Updates to MYOB EXO Employee Information

Company Documents

The Company Documents item in the Documents menu opens the Company Documents window, which allows you to attach documents relating to human resources:


Employee Induction Report

A sign off area has been added to the following reports:

  • Induction Plan, which is available from the Maintenance tab of the Print Report window or from the Induction Plan Maintenance window.
  • Employee Induction, which is available from the Employees tab of the Print Report window or when adding an induction to an employee’s record. 


For more information on MYOB EXO Employer Services 2015.3, see the release notes below