MYOB EXO Update for IT Consultants

MYOB EXO Update for IT Consultants

This is to help keep our IT community informed about MYOB EXO Business, currently supported environments and upcoming releases.

Where can I get Technical Information about MYOB EXO Software?

Momentum regularly publishes updates for IT Consultants and other advisors on our Knowledge Base.  This can be accessed at

Useful information includes:-

IT Consultants Overview for EXO

Latest Release Notes including Minimum Specifications for MYOB EXO Business v8.6

Detailed Specifications and Compatible Environments Roadmap


What’s coming up in MYOB EXO Software?

EXO Business Version 8.7 is almost ready for release.  This release introduces the following:-

A new module ‘EXO Alerts’ enabling configurable business exceptions or alerts enabling much greater visibility and control for Managers.

EXO v8.7 is a major Job Costing release with over 20 improvements or new features for the EXO Job Costing module.

Various other improvements and defect fixes.

MYOB EXO Business v8.7 is expected to be released in November 2013.  We will publish release notes as soon as MYOB publishes the final release version.


Can I contact Momentum for assistance with my EXO Clients?

Yes, if we have a mutual EXO client you can contact us for assistance as needed.  Our details are:-



P 07 5479 1877