Expense Manager

Small, growing and bigger businesses all rely on expensemanager to manage their spend

There is a better way to…..

Manage Spend, Pay Invoices, Submit Claims

In the one powerful platform businesses can automate, manage and control their expense and supplier payment processes. Each module is fully integrated, all managed by a unified company policy and workflow. And with the same user interface users only have to learn once.

Take expenses now, invoices and purchase orders later or all at once. It’s your choice.

Approved claims in expensemanager are sent directly through to MYOB. No more manually entering expense claim information or uploading files manually, it seamlessly flows through to your MYOB accounting software.

expensemanager seamlessly integrates with your MYOB Advanced or Exo system

Our one click API integration to MYOB’s bigger business cloud ERP software allows for seamless transfer of data into multiple areas of MYOB, including the General Ledger and Payables. expensemanager supports all MYOB Advanced or Exo dimensions, including Branches, Subaccounts, Projects and Project Tasks.

Put an end to your paper and payment misery – see how expensemanager makes a difference