Creating Chances

A little bit about Creating Chances

Creating Chances delivers youth development programs to high schools in disadvantaged regions, primarily throughout Greater Western Sydney, Illawarra and the Hunter. It began as a not-for-profit in 2014 with around 6 volunteers. But when the two founding organisations involved in rugby youth and football came together, it transitioned to a social entity. With global backing from FIFA links and a deep relationship with the Department of Education, Creating Chances has grown considerably. From initially running programs in 5 schools, they now have about 35 people working across different programs in over 100 schools.

Meet Paul, Finance Director

We sat down with Paul Robertson, Finance Director at Creating Chances, to find out how Creating Chances was able to get granular visibility over their organisation with the help of Wiise. This story contains snippets from our conversation.


Paperwork headaches

Creating Chances was using an outdated ERP system and had no CRM. The sales team were using individual spreadsheets to manage client orders, invoices and customer details. The team couldn’t access all the contacts in one place or get a clear view of which customers had overdue bills. Using MYOB AccountRight at the time to run their finances, Creating Chances couldn’t drill down on their spending and were worried about compliance.

Key challenges faced

  • Manual processes causing compliance concerns
  • Separate and outdated systems
  • No clear view of profits or costs across programs
  • Team couldn’t access data at the same time and had limited flexibility
  • Unable to produce detailed reporting

The right tool at the right time

Creating Chances knew they needed a cloud-based ERP solution that would help unify their work and business.

They had few key requirements, including better data management to get a full view of their organisation. Better visibility over their costs to see what was profitable and what wasn’t. Better financial reporting to drill down on location, school and programs. And greater flexibility, so anyone in the team could access their data in one place, simultaneously and work anywhere, anytime.

Confidence in numbers

Wiise’s reporting functionality has given Creating Chances a boost in confidence.

As Paul explains, “We’re no longer stressed about compliance or spending copious amounts of time developing reports and working with the data. We can see which programs are under budget or overspent and report on funding. We can make informed decisions about where we can save on resourcing, equipment and so on. And we can get that deeper data we were looking for.”

Benefits for Creating Chances

  • Better data management and visibility over entire organisation
  • Ability to drill down on location, school and program to analyse costs and profitability
  • Confident in staying compliant
  • Greater flexibility between the teams to work anywhere, at any time
  • Ability to access data in the one place, simultaneously
  • Power BI dashboards with a full view of the organisation
  • Increased efficiency and saved time to refocus on growing the organisation
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