2019 MYOB Exo Payroll EOFY Good Practice Guide and Checklist

As we approach the Australian End of Financial Year, we would like to help you prepare your payroll so you have a successful EOFY period.

There can be two different ways that employers could report to the ATO this year.  This is dependant on whether a you have submitted pays via STP sometime during 2018/19, the attached documents AU ES Checklist with STP and EXO Payroll (AU) End of Financial Year 2018-2019STP should be used.

For clients yet to submit any pays in 2018/19 FY via STP, they will need process the older Payment Summary file (PSAR) method, and as such the documents AU ES Checklist without STP and EXO Payroll (AU) End of Financial Year 2018-2019NoSTP should be followed.

Also the following video outlines the EOFY process within Exo Payroll :

Reminder that from 1 July it will be mandatory for ALL employers to submit pays via STP.

EXO-Payroll-AU-End-of-Financial-Year-2018-2019NoSTP.pdf EXO-Payroll-AU-End-of-Financial-Year-2018-2019STP.pdf AU-ES-Checklist-without-STP.pdf AU-ES-Checklist-with-STP.pdf