5 ways to empower your people with Wiise

What keeps you up at night?

When you’re managing a business, there’s a constant ‘to do’ list running through your head. And in today’s economy, holding onto your employees is probably at the top of that list.

In Wiise’s recent article on Investing in a Downturn, they revealed that 70% of Australian CEOs cited acquiring, retaining, and upskilling employees as being their biggest challenge (above cybersecurity and digital transformation). This is understandable, given that 40% of Aussie employees plan to switch jobs within the next 12 months and replacing them will prove increasingly difficult and costly for businesses—even costing double an employee’s annual salary in some cases. 

What Employees Want

The good news? Employee retention is fixable and often doesn’t require salary hikes. Most employees simply want the tools, culture and freedom to be able to do their jobs well.

Here are just a few ways in which Wiise ERP can tackle some of the most common employee frustrations and create a more productive work environment.

5 Ways to Empower Your People with Wiise

1. Let staff use the tech they know (and love)

We all have work tools that we love, and some that we don’t. But did you know that 91% of employees are frustrated by the technology they’re forced to use at work? Wiise ERP natively integrates with all Microsoft 365 tools, meaning your staff can keep using Outlook, Excel, Teams – all of the familiar tools they’re already comfortable using, with minimal training. With a multitude of native integrations for other market-leading tools, such as Shopify and ProSpend, and a flexible architecture, Wiise enables you to build a tech stack with the best tools available for your business.

2. Help them to be more productive

There’s tech that we prefer, then there’s tech that actively hinders our ability to work. A UK survey revealed almost half of employees find workplace technology makes them less productive, with slow or overly complex tools responsible for wasted time and interfering with concentration. Wiise ERP is cloud-based, hosted in local Microsoft datacentres, ensuring high-performance (and minimal lag times). Even better, its wide range of native integrations enable staff to work seamlessly between different tools, without having to switch between applications. These integrations provide endless handy shortcuts, such as the ability to share reports directly from the ERP via Microsoft Teams chats, or to trigger automated invoice creation via Microsoft Outlook.

3. Give staff more control

Microsoft’s recent Work Trends Index revealed that many employees want greater flexibility over working arrangements. It makes sense that most employees would appreciate more autonomy and the ability to manage HR and payroll requests directly, without unnecessary form-filling and approvals. Wiise Payroll, built on KeyPay, provides exactly that; enabling staff to view payslips, submit leave and expense requests and even swap, accept or reject shifts on their mobile devices.

4. Don’t keep them chained to their desks

Wiise ERP offers full mobile functionality, enabling your teams to use it whenever and wherever they are. No need to rush back to the office – timesheets can be completed with a few taps, outstanding invoices and sales orders can be checked during client visits, new purchase orders and invoices can be created from the warehouse floor. Free up your staff to complete any task, on the move.

5. Keep your hybrid and remote workers connected

In the post-Covid world, Australia still has more hybrid workers than any other country. Whatever your opinion on remote working, many employees now see it as an expectation and an employer’s ability to facilitate it – and keep remote workers feeling connected – will play an important role in retention. Microsoft Teams officially became the most popular video conferencing tool during the pandemic – a title it still holds, with more than 270 million users today. Wiise ERP’s native integration with Teams adds another level of relevance to meetings, with the ability to share ERP reporting directly via the chat function and create various team channels to keep different departments updated.

Still forcing staff to use outdated tech that’s slowing them down?

Learn more about the capabilities of Wiise cloud ERP software here or get in touch today to find out how to empower your people with Wiise ERP.