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ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP is business management software that lets your business integrate applications and automate business functions. Typically, a suite of integrated applications, ERP can be used to collect, store, manage and interpret data from different parts of your business, including operations, finance, HR, payroll and even sales and marketing. It brings all those things together to offer an integrated view of core business processes, in real-time. 

Because every business is different, ERP software can be customised, with a range of applications to suit your needs and processes. It’s all aimed at helping your business do what it does, better. 

Momentum Software Solutions are a fully accredited, multi-award-winning cloud based ERP implementation consultancy. We provide cloud-based, tailored business management solutions to bigger businesses throughout QLD, NSW the Northern Territory and beyond. Based in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, we have been empowering people in business and helping them think bigger for over 10 years.

  • Full visibility and control of performance costs and profit
  • More efficient and streamlined operations 
  • A single source of truth – all your data on a single database
  • Increased customer satisfaction by improving response time and accuracy
  • Removing bottlenecks 
  • The ability to leverage secure, enterprise-level functionality to improve everything from sales, purchasing and logistics, to job costing, financial management and payroll
  • A custom solution for your unique business needs 
  • Simplified financial management with industry leading multi-entity workflows 
  • Unified business systems and data that integrates systems, so you have a single source of truth and single system to manage 
  • Optional anytime, anywhere access with cloud ERP 
  • Enterprise grade security and data backup 
  • Industry leading API technology to simplify connecting to 3rd party solutions and add-on

All ERP software is not created equal, but most systems do share some common features. The one feature all ERP systems include is a shared database used by different business units. This common database allows different people across the business – whether in sales, accounting, HR or anywhere else – to access to the same information when making business decisions.

ERP software also offers automated reporting, giving businesses accurate information in real-time. They allow companies to automate processes and streamline functions, taking some of the boring, repetitive grunt work from employees. 

Momentum use three phases in the implementation process of an ERP:

  1. Discovery Phase 
  • Project Kick-off and planning 
  • Scoping and requirements analysis 
  • Business modelling and design 
  • Initial data conversion and system tailoring 
  1. Implementation Phase
  • User testing
  • Training in pilot 
  • Issue resolution 
  • User setup 
  • Preparation and sign-off 
  1. Outcomes Phase
  • End user training 
  • Go-live readiness assessment 
  • Final data conversion 
  • Cutover- Go-live 
  • Implementation review and handover

An average implementation period takes 3 months however, this can vary depending how complex your business requirements are. For more information please contact us.

Step 1 – Think about the long term 

Step 2 – Get to know your business 

Step 3 – Get everyone in the team onboard 

Step 4 – Choose your implementation team & ensure they all want the same outcome 

Step 5 – Evaluate your business needs 

Step 6 – Think about what you want to see in a demo

MYOB Advanced is a cloud-based ERP solution designed to help businesses be more flexible by working online. Cloud ERPs are designed to grow with your business, allowing you to add new features and users without the hassle of maintaining or replacing on-premise hardware. MYOB Advanced is a true Saas Software which is provided on a monthly subscription meaning there’s no large upfront investment. 

MYOB EXO is an on-premise ERP system that is fully integrated and customisable, designed specifically for medium and larger businesses. To access MYOB EXO, you have to buy a license and pay an annual license fee. MYOB EXO can be hosted on a server enabling less reliance on your own IT infrastructure.

SaaS stands for ‘software as a service’ – or the supply of software, usually on a subscription basis, over the internet. There’s no need to install and update software – it’s all done for you by the supplier. The SaaS model can be used for a wide range of tasks and is especially useful for core business functions.

Among many other programs, customer relationship management, sales, projects, accounting and HR/payroll software can all be delivered via the SaaS model. The service is usually paid for via an annual or monthly subscription fee, which covers the cost of licensing the software and usually includes a component to cover service and support. 

The price of an ERP investment varies from business to business depending on the requirements, number of users and how complex your business needs are. For a more detailed estimate get in contact with us today.