MYOB Advanced Business 2022.2 is the next major update which introduces 360+ exciting new features that enhance the overall user experience, and adds additional functionality to a wealth of existing features.

We encourage you to view the full release notes and the major release highlight document below for detailed information on the new features and enhancements available in the Autumn release.

MYOB Advanced 2022.2 Release Notes

MYOB Advanced 2022.2 Autumn Release Highlights

MYOB Advanced Autumn Release Fact Sheets

Check out the MYOB Product Release fact sheets below which cover all the key updates included in the 2023 MYOB Advanced Autumn Release

MYOB Advanced Business
MYOB Advanced Construction
MYOB Advanced Manufacturing
MYOB Advanced Platform
MYOB Advanced Payroll
MYOB Advanced WFM

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Top new features

There are so many great improvements in the 2022.2 release, but below are five key new features which we think you’ll love.
For a comprehensive list of new features, see the full release notes.

Single sign-on (SSO) with Microsoft Azure AD

You can now provide single sign-on (SSO) and manage user access in one place by integrating MYOB Advanced with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). For detailed steps on setting up Azure AD, see MYOB’s online help pages.

Finance – Approval GL Transactions

Starting in 2022.2, MYOB Advanced makes it possible to release and post GL transactions only after they have been approved by an authorised employee. On the Approval Maps Form, a new Entity Type has been added.

Manufacturing – New Engineering Workbench

In MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition 2022.2, a manufacturing engineer can view, create, and modify a multilevel bill of material displayed in a tree structure by using the new Engineering Workbench (AM208100) form. This is useful when for creating and modifying bills of material with subassemblies.

Inventory and Order Management – Side Panels

In MYOB Advanced 2022.2, a side panel has been added to various lists of records and data entry forms related to the inventory and order management functionality, which gives a user the ability to view the list of records while simultaneously viewing (and modifying, if necessary) various information related to any listed record or opened entity on a data entry form. Check the release notes for the full list of screens where side-panels have been added.

Construction – Tracking Project Progress by Unit

This release adds the functionality to track project productivity. With this new functionality, employees working on a construction site can capture project activities on the unit level and track project progress by using a new type of document: progress worksheets. In the daily field report, a user can add cost budget lines and capture units used on the construction site during the working day. This functionality helps project managers to track project productivity and define the potential impact of these activities on the project schedule and cost budget.

OtherKey New Features

For a full list of new features and enhancements please view the full release notes.

  • Connection of a Store with a Custom Shopify App
  • Export of Sales Orders to Shopify
  • Enhanced Export of Product Availability Settings
  • Multiple Guest Customer Accounts
  • Enhanced Marketing Lists and Campaigns
  • Side Panels with Marketing Data for CRM Entities
  • The Currency of Business Accounts and Related Entities
  • The ability to Change the Business Account in Opportunities and Sales Quotes
  • The ability to have multiple Business Accounts for different Sales Quotes linked to the same Opportunity
  • Relations between Sales Orders and Associated Entities
  • Support for OAuth 2.0 for Google Suite
  • Email Template Enhancements
  • Appointment schedule optimization’s with consideration of the staffs members’ skills
  • Improved titles related to total amounts on the Service Orders and Appointments Forms
  • Report Improvements
  • Profit Margin Calculation
  • Improvements in the Mobile App
  • Updating the Unit Cost of Non-Stock Items to be purchased
  • AP Debit Adjustments with Retainage
  • Approval of GL Transactions
  • Automatic Assignment of the Tax Zone to Sales Orders and Invoices
  • Dunning Level by Customer Class
  • Exclusion of Payments and Voided Payments from Open Item Statements
  • Inclusion of all documents with Open Balances in Dunning Letters
  • Improved processing of Batch Payments
  • Improvements in the Straight-Line Depreciation Method
  • Modification of Dunning Fees during the Dunning Process
  • Preventing creation of documents with dales in the distant future
  • Support of Multiple Base Currencies for Contracts
  • Support for Multiple Base Currencies for the Dunning Process
  • Ability to change the dimensions of the Box on the fly
  • Calculation of Inventory Turnover
  • Conversion of the Stock Status of the Item
  • Selection of the Cost Layer Type for Inventory Transactions (Project Costs)
  • Ability to copy header notes and attachments on Sales Orders to Shipments/ Invoices
  • Side Panel Support for Inventory and Order Management
  • Dashboards for Inventory and Order Management
  • Engineering Workbench
  • Enhanced support for Transfers in MRP
  • Control of excessive Item Quantity for Operations
  • Restricted visibility of Customers and Suppliers
  • Side panel support for lists of records
  • Support of Blanket Sales Orders in MRP
  • Multiple enhancements to the UI an management processes
  • Ability to edit the main screen
  • Adjustment of colours to fit the companies colour scheme
  • Enhancements in Change Management
  • Mobile App enhancements
  • Tracking Project Progress by Unit
  • Ability to specify a custom title to side panels
  • Ability to generate GS1 EAN/UCC-128 Barcodes in Report Designer
  • Improved diagnostics for Business Events and Push Notifications
  • Built-in Infotips

MYOB Advanced 2022.2 Major Release Info

Don’t forget to download the full release notes and major upgrade highlights to learn more about the exciting 360+ new features and enhancements coming soon to the Advanced Platform.