MYOB Add-ons

We’ve also partnered with a range of third-party companies who provide add-ons that fully integrate with MYOB Advanced or MYOB Exo.

We know there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ business management solution. Whilst MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo have hundreds of fabulous features within their integrated suites, it would be impossible to cater for the thousands of diverse business processes that evolve with each unique business. That’s where we come in.

Customised to suit your individual business needs

At Momentum we have developed a range of add-ons to meet our client’s individual business needs. We call these tools add-ons because they add functionality to your business management suite. 

All of our add-ons fully integrate with MYOB Advanced or MYOB Exo, streamlining data and increasing efficiencies. We may already have what you’re looking for, and if not our team of experts can develop a customised solution especially for you. 

ezyCollect’s SimplyPaid feature has provided a ‘win/win’ for our business and our customers – it has helped us to streamline our finance processes, whilst creating a quick and easy way for our customers to pay.
Eric Sengstock, CFO – ATP Science

MYOB Enterprise Solutions

The Add-on Ecosystem

We’ve also partnered with a range of third-party companies who provide add-ons that fully integrate with MYOB Advanced or MYOB Exo. From barcode scanning solutions to debtor management software, all of our recommended add-ons can help you simplify, improve or better understand different parts of your business. 

MYOB App Marketplace

Visit the MYOB App Marketplace for a complete list of MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo add-ons.

Momentum Approval Advantage + Requisitions

Streamline your invoice, purchase order and requisition approval process

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Momentum Asset Advantage

Extending MYOB EXO’s functionality to better manage your most valuable assets

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Momentum Auditor

Track changes to your data

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Momentum Easy Maintenance

Quickly and easily create backups of your MYOB EXO database

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Momentum Job Cost Advantage

Enhanced job costing features

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Momentum Job Costing Report Suite

A must have for every job costing business

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Momentum Payroll Link

Auto-inserts and updates employees from Exo Payroll into MYOB Exo Business (Staff) and Job Costing (Resources)

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Momentum Price Update

Easily manage your pricing and margins

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Momentum Progress Claims

Create progress claims based on a job’s completion percentage

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Momentum Report Scheduler

Easily distribute reports across your organisation

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Momentum Timesheet Advantage

Enter timesheets directly against a job, ready for invoicing

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Momentum Workflow Engine

Save time by automating repetitive tasks

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Momentum DAINTY Integration Utility

Validate, transform and import data into the Exo database

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Alchemex BI / Velixo Reports

Real-time financial and business management reporting solution with report writer

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Blue Echidna

One-stop warehouse management solution for small to medium sized businesses

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An at-the-ready solution for collecting, planning and managing employee time producing timesheets that drive performance

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Accounts payable automation managing your current manual processes associated with accounts payable

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Expense Manager

Automate, manage and control expenses and supplier payment processes

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If inventory is your BUSINESS, then eveXso is your SOLUTION

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Debtor Management which automatically and effectively chases late payments

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Management reporting and financial analysis tool for better results and smarter reporting

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One product, integrate your applications and automate your business

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Complete workforce management solution, manage employees work patterns anywhere, anytime

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Cloud-based inventory management to make better inventory decisions

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Successful business intelligence to get more reporting power and deeper insights from your data

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Secure ISS

Transition from on-premises workloads and infrastructure into cloud environments

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Go beyond fixed workflows to a dynamic workspace that moves your business forward.

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SPS Commerce

Hassle-free invoices, orders and shipments for Australian and global retailers.

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TIG Freight

Full service freight solutions provider

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TimeSite Pro

Fully configurable, cloud-based, timesheet and expense management solution.

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TimeTrak Mobile

Designed specifically for businesses with staff on-the-go, easy to use tool to manage field staff

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Cloud-based enterprise platform that connects your data and systems

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Web Ninja

B2B/B2C webstores and online ordering solutions integrated into your software.

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Weka Online

MYOB ERP E-Commerce Integration

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Operational management solution for the building and construction industries

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