It’s our 10th Birthday

Wednesday 1st April marks 10 years since I acquired Momentum Software Solutions.  I want to thank all of our fantastic team members past and present who helped us along the way. 

We are also grateful for the awesome support we have received from MYOB over the journey as we’ve grown from a team of 4 with around 30 clients to a team of 21 and more than 200 clients. 

Most importantly we thank our customers, some of whom have been with us since 2007 when I was still an employee! 

Our customers range from large with >3,000 employees to small with 2-3 employees across a diverse range of industries.  One of the enjoyable challenges we have is to understand diverse business needs and interpret them into practical software solutions. 

At Momentum we’ve been successful by sticking with our key value proposition – Take Your Business to The Next Level 

We deliver it by working with our 4 key values front of mind.  We re-state these at every team meeting. 

  • Customers for Life 
  • Working Together 
  • Learning and Embracing Change 
  • Balance in Life  

Given current events we understand there’s little time for patting ourselves on the back.  We will have a proper celebration when we can.  We are grateful to be in business and are super focussed on helping our customers survive and thrive in 2020. 

Thank you 
Al Emery