MYOB Advanced Outlook Add-in

The MYOB Advanced Outlook Add-in is a valuable tool designed to seamlessly integrate two powerful platforms, MYOB Advanced & Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook Add-in allows users to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency by bringing essential business functions directly into the Outlook interface.

If you’re a user in a sales or customer service role, you can use the MYOB Advanced Outlook add-in to do CRM tasks through Microsoft Outlook, like creating contacts, leads or activities.

Here are some key features and benefits of the MYOB Advanced Microsoft Outlook add-in:

Email Integration: Users can access MYOB Advanced functionality directly within their Outlook email client. This means they can perform various tasks related to customer management, sales, and invoicing without leaving their email environment.

Create leads: The MYOB Advanced Outlook Add-in allows you to create new leads directly from Outlook and sync associated emails against the lead in MYOB Advanced.

Opportunity Management: Users can manage sales opportunities without switching between applications. They can create, update, and track sales opportunities within Outlook, ensuring that all relevant team members are informed and aligned on the progress of deals.

Log Activities: User can also log email activities to specific records in MYOB Advanced such as particular contacts, opportunities etc. and attach related files into MYOB Advanced.

Email Tracking: The add-in allows users to track emails sent from Outlook within MYOB Advanced, providing visibility into communication activities related to specific customers or suppliers. This feature enables users to monitor interactions, follow up on inquiries, and maintain a comprehensive communication log for audit and record-keeping purposes.

Real-Time Data Sync: The add-in ensures that data is synchronized in real-time between MYOB Advanced and Outlook, minimizing data discrepancies and ensuring that users always have access to the latest information.

Overall, the MYOB Advanced Microsoft Outlook Add-in serves as a valuable tool for MYOB Advanced users, enabling them to leverage the capabilities of both platforms to enhance productivity, streamline communication, and improve collaboration across their organization. By integrating MYOB Advanced with Microsoft Outlook, users can effectively manage their business operations from a single, unified interface, ultimately driving efficiency and enabling better decision-making.

MYOB Advanced Business, powered by Acumaticais an end-to-end business management system designed to meet the specific needs of your growing business.

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MYOB Advanced Finance Dashboard

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