Debtor Management which automatically and effectively chases late payments

ezyCollect automatically and effectively chases late payments, leaving you to get on with running your business. Automate your entire debt collection process with a programmed series of emails, letters, prompted phone calls all the way to a solicitor’s letter.

The benefits of ezyCollect

Save time and money

  • We chase up payments, so you don’t have to. Our all in one system combines statements, invoices and demand letters.

Integrated Payments

  • Use our integrated payment gateway and insert a link in all your reminders to get paid even faster.

Blended Approach

  • Tailor your follow-up strategy for every customer.  Customise everything – including scheduling phone calls and automating tasks such as email and SMS reminders.

Get your money, faster

  • Our software has been proven to get your customers to pay their invoices faster.


ezyCollect works to slash your overdue debtors in weeks

All plans include:

  • Seamless integration with MYOB EXO
  • Automated collections workflows and reminders
  • Consolidated reminders
  • Single-slick credit checks
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • On-demand legal letters
  • Credit reporting dashboard and analytics
  • Dynamic filters for data reporting
  • Communications tracking and reporting
  • Auto-attach invoices and statements
  • Automated thank-you notes
  • Automated debt escalation
  • Automated scheduling of statements
  • Automated legal escalation
  • Automated postal mail


Trusted by MYOB EXO Customers

I am so impressed with ezyCollect! I used to spend hours chasing outstanding invoices, which was time consuming and frustrating. Now I can set the system up to communicate with our customers anyway I like. The email and SMS reminders even have a payment link so the customers can pay their invoice with the click of a button…too easy!

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