Three simple, human reasons people love upgrading to an ERP


There’s a lot to love about upgrading from an accounting software solution to an ERP solution.

For starters, Enterprise Resource Planning solutions (ERPs) are capable of running an entire business operation. Instead of having different systems to perform different functions, such as stock, sales and administration, you just have one. This single system provides accurate, real-time insight and information into the daily running of your business, saving you time and money. The possibilities, in many cases, are endless.

However, the real value is often seen on a human level.

Here are just three reasons we know clients love upgrading to an ERP:


1. They leave work on time

ERPs are far more customisable than off-the-shelf accounting solutions. This means they’re able to automate most of those day-to-day, mundane processes that eat away at their time – every day.

Many users, for example, will spend hours at the end of every month creating complex reports for either themselves or management.

Not only will an ERP automatically generate these reports, but it can email them to the applicable people in the business. So instead of working back late on the last few days of every month, they’re getting home on time.


2. They get on better with their boss

If you’re stretching your accounting system to its limits you may be experiencing performance issues or be restricted by its functionality.

An ERP will allow unlimited users, entities, transactions, staff and stock items. This scalability means they’re able to effortlessly carry out their job with no interruptions or restrictions.

Having this level of access and power means one thing: giving the boss what they want, when they want it. If that doesn’t improve working relationships, not much else will, right?


3. Their job is easier and they’re less stressed

As a business grows, its processes become more complex. ERPs are customisable and can change according to the organisations needs instead of its users having to adapt to allow for inflexibility.

For example, an ERP will allow a user to completely customise their screen layouts (amongst many other cool things).

Another example: a data entry screen. The organisation can customise data entry so only select ‘required’ fields are visible. As I said, the possibilities are endless.

But it all boils down to one thing: an ERP can significantly reduce manual, time consuming work meaning deadlines are easier to hit and stress levels reduced.

ERP solutions are super-flexible and scalable. They’re designed to meet the needs of businesses in every industry and with this level of customisation, it’s easy to see why we see so many happy users!


MYOB EXO and MYOB Advanced are the on premise and cloud based ERP systems designed specifically for bigger businesses that need company-wide insight and control. Contact us to find out more.


Source: MYOB