How do you make a sound business decision if your data is out of date?

If your business has grown and your still stuck using separate legacy systems, your capacity to make sound business decisions can be greatly undermined. Without access to live data, the decision will be based on data that can be up to a week old

Take spreadsheets for example… Often an ideal starting point for small businesses wanting to collect data. However, spreadsheets are reliant on manual entry and therefore prone to errors. Also it is so easy to begin a new spreadsheet to collect slightly different data and before you know it your swimming in a sea of spreadsheets and find it impossible to get a clear picture.

Try figuring out if over spend is occurring on a job. You need to wait until the timesheets are submitted at the end of the week. Then manually enter times into a spreadsheet as well as other associated costs. By the time management get the report there’s been another week spent on the job. Not very efficient. Trying to extract data from spreadsheets and separate systems makes it very hard to respond in real time.

Ask yourself the following questions to discover if you’re ready to consider consolidating your legacy systems into one unified ERP system:

  • Do you struggle to make sense of your reports?
  • Do you miss deadlines?
  • Do you feel concerned that you haven’t quite got control of the steering wheel?
  • Do you find yourself micro-managing staff?
  • Are you spending too much time in spreadsheets rather than on the business?

If you want greater insight, more control, flexibility and savings ERP systems such as cloud based MYOB Advanced are ideal for the following industries:


  • manage multiple products in multiple locations;
  • keep pace with stock;
  • accurate forecasting;
  • flexibility to change;
  • scalability;

Wholesale & Distribution

  • taking control of your largest asset, stock;
  • true cost of stock;
  • impact of exchange rates;
  • reduce human error;
  • meeting customer demands;

Professional Services

  • real time understanding of true costs;
  • true audit trail and tracking;
  • customised reports;

Not for Profits

  • transparent audit trail;
  • reports by program;
  • budgetin;

Mining Services

  • manage a long distance supply chain;
  • manage labour and operating costs;
  • accurate procurement of resources;


  • track sales and streamline sales order process;
  • better purchasing decisions;
  • manage inventory;
  • calculate landed costs;
  • flexibility with price points;