Make better business decisions with a unified system

As your company grows, your business requirements grow, often resulting in a host of different standalone applications such as inventory control, sales order processing, payroll, purchasing and so on. This can work for a while but it is not a very efficient way to run your business for the long term. Your right hand doesn’t know what your left hand is doing and it can result in things being missed, wrong assumptions being made, not to mention the stress involved if a business decision needs to be made quickly.

As your business grows and becomes more complex with more systems and processes, having a unified system is essential. There comes a time when spreadsheets just don’t cut it anymore. This is when you need an ERP. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a consolidated platform that is across your sales, inventory, accounting, purchasing, CRM, job costing and brings it all together. You may think the word Enterprise implies it is for big businesses only but more and more SMBs are using ERP to improve their internal business processes and increase efficiencies.

Benefits of a unified ERP system are:

  • Full visibility and control of performance, costs and profit
  • More efficient and streamlined operations
  • Increased customer satisfaction by improving response time and accuracy, removing bottlenecks
  • The ability to leverage secure, enterprise-level functionality to improve everything from sales, purchasing and logistics, to job costing, financial management and payroll
  • A custom solution for your unique business needs
  • Simplified financial management with industry leading multi-entity workflows
  • Unified business systems and data that integrates systems so you have a single source of truth and single system to manage
  • Optional anytime, anywhere access with cloud ERP
  • Enterprise grade security and data backup
  • Industry leading API technology to simplify connecting to 3rd party solutions and add-on

Imagine having an easy to use, powerful accounting, finance, budgeting, cash flow management system that includes the following:

  • Superior CRM making it simple to manage your sales processes and customers
  • Enhanced inventory control
  • Accurate management of your margins with landed cost tracking and forecast based purchasing
  • Customisable dashboards and workflows to suit your business processes
  • Intelligent project accounting

If you are looking for a single unified ERP platform tailored either on premise or in the cloud, tailored to your business, that delivers functionality, visibility, and confidence contact us 07 5479 1877 or email