5 ways MYOB Advanced supports your Not-for-Profit

Budget limitations and wide-ranging needs can make choosing software for a not-for-profit complicated. The right system needs to bring all your business functions together, provide remote access to all your staff, offer smart reporting capabilities and store sensitive data securely – it can seem like an impossible list of requirements.

That’s where MYOB Advanced Business comes in. A cloud business management system for small to medium NFPs in Australia and New Zealand, it offers a suite of features designed to streamline and simplify operations throughout your organisation. Budgeting nd reporting tools, project management, data storage and remote access, responsive dashboards to give you a view of what’s happening every day – its all about managing your organisation more effectively. Because its cloud-based, MYOB Advanced can also reduce the maintenance and IT costs involved with maintaining an older, server-based system.

Here’s a look at the top five ways MYOB Advanced Business could help your NFP:

1. Streamlined workflows

With all your operations in one place, its easy to connect the dot across your organisation. Automate manual tasks, cut unnecessary steps and speed up unwieldy workflows for a smoother, faster moving NFP.

2. Financial clarity

Get instant access to all your financial data through an accurate, real-time system. This gives you clarity around your financial situation day-to-day and makes it easier to meet compliance requirements, create budgets and prepare for audits. Better financial management and fewer errors = more money for your mission.

3. Remote access

A cloud platform, MYOB Advanced offers full access to all data, dashboards and tools – no matter where you are. This means your people can update records while they’re out and about, check client details in real-time and work remotely whenever they need to. In a fast-moving world, it’s a game changer.

4. Donor management

Advanced brings all your donor and donation info together, making it easy to track and manage. The ability to flag donators who have stopped donations, identify major donors who need extra attention and track income over time can make all the difference to your donor relationships – and the level of donations coming in.

5. Cheaper, simpler technology

While a full business management system can seem complicated, the technology is simpler to manage in many ways. Because MYOB Advanced is cloud-based, you don’t need on-premise servers. You may also find that using a single, unified system for all your operational needs is cheaper and more effective than using a raft of disconnected systems.

While the problems faced by many NFPs are complex, the solutions doesn’t have to be. MYOB Advanced Business offers tools to help you manage the full spectrum of operational tasks across your organisation – from payroll to donor management to financial reporting and compliance. With all these tools under one cloud-based digital roof, you can transform operations and free up time and money. Learn more how MYOB Advanced can provide your NFP with efficiency, productivity and transparency for the long-term future here.