Does your business need an ERP?

If your business has experienced moderate to extensive growth, it is quite likely your business has outgrown the traditional off-the-shelf accounting software, you may still be using. Consequently, such growth can create further constraints on your business’s productivity and capabilities.

Typically, before jumping onto an ERP solution a business is disconnected and not scalable. Reporting is limited and not customizable from business to business and mobility is a challenge. As traditional off-the-shelf accounting software is not designed for larger business, it may constrain future growth and reduce overall business efficiency and profitability.

Does your business have siloed systems which don’t integrate with one another? Are there inadequate reporting procedures in place which mean you spend hours creating spreadsheets? Or are you simply just continuing to outgrow your current system? Then it might be time for your business to invest in a business management solution like MYOBs ERP software solutions. 

Common Issues Experienced

To decipher whether upgrading to an ERP is right for your business, below are a list of common issues businesses may encounter when it is time to invest in an ERP solution.  

  • Do you have general or industry specific requirements beyond the ability of your current system?
  • Are you unable to see the data or is it taking up too many resources and too much time to analyse?
  • Does your current software require duplicative and/or redundant data entry?
  • Are you unable to access company data over the web and via mobile devices? Is this something you could benefit from?
  • Does lack of flexibility hurt your business’ ability to keep up with new and more complex business processes?
  • Can you use your system to automate sales order, invoicing and/ or other industry specific requirements?
  • Does your current accounting/ ERP system timeout or under-perform?
  • Is key information or business intelligence available throughout your company?
  • Does your company rely on manual processes, double entry and/ or spreadsheets?
  • Is the production of financial statements time-consuming and error-prone? Can you easily perform inter-company transactions?

Thinking it’s time to invest?

If you think it’s time to take your business to the next level and invest in an ERP for the future, get in contact with Momentum Software Solutions today for a free no-obligation chat.