Hidden costs of not upgrading your ERP software

Are you hesitant to upgrade to the latest version of MYOB Exo?

Don’t want to spend the time or money?

What businesses often do not consider is that while not upgrading avoids short-term costs and business disruption, avoiding upgrades can require far more effort and is costlier in the long run. When you skip a major upgrade, you don’t eliminate the costs and effort associated, you simply defer them. The cost and effort involved with the next upgrade is then multiplied, as the impact and complexities become larger than they were before.

MYOB Exo ERP software vendors are continuously working to improve their product and allow clients to experience the product at its best capability. ERP software is designed to maximise efficiency within your business. Upgrading your software means that you will be making the most out of the functionality and business benefits the solution offers.

Computer technology changes so rapidly that failure to perform regular scheduled upgrades to your system can pose serious issues for your company. You may think that you’re saving money by postponing upgrades, but you’ll often find that it ends up costing you more in the long run. By avoiding upgrading your business also misses out on functionality improvement and fixes introduced in new releases, decreasing efficiencies across your business.

Unsupported Software

Remaining unsupported could lead to running issues such as bugs and slow performance, which may have a negative impact on your business’s efficiency. Should a critical software issue or security vulnerability arise, solutions may only be available for current versions, exposing your business to risk.


An outdated ERP system could also leave your company data at risk. Storing data in unsupported software will leave it vulnerable to hackers and viruses. Upgrading to the latest version of your ERP software is the best defence when it comes to data protection.


Putting off performing regular maintenance and updates to your system may end up costing you more money in the long run. Many companies find themselves having to shell out more money at one time to do system-wide upgrades when regularly scheduled updates could have kept them on the right track from the beginning.


ERP software vendors work to ensure that the software you use remains compliant with new legislation or laws which are passed each your usually focused on how you pay your staff and the security of your data. By not upgrading you risk no longer being compliant.


Employees can also become dissatisfied due to lack of change and new features. Upgrades usually involve time saving features, better layouts and streamlined processes that can lead to increased staff morale. If you have switched to the latest version, your staff are ahead of the game and so is your business.

Overall, the benefits of regular upgrades allows your business to:

  • Comply with new government regulations
  • Boost automation
  • Safeguard your data
  • Run at optimal performance
  • Enrich the user experience
  • Stay competitive

Upgrading your ERP goes beyond saving money down the line, it means investing in making your company a more productive one that can boost results and revenue though better technology. We recommend you protect your ERP system investment though a frequently, well planned and executed upgrade schedule which helps you stay on current and supported versions which improve efficiencies across your business. Ulitmately, avoiding upgrades requires more effort, is costlier, riskier and limits your business in the long run.

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