Workforce Management is coming to MYOB Advanced

MYOB has revealed MYOB Advanced Workforce Management will be available to customers in early 2021. 

This game changing announcement will include everything businesses need to onboard, roster, manage time and attendance, and it fully integrates with Advanced payroll – an all-in-one, end-to-end system that caters to the mobility and flexibility needed by managers and employees.    

In October 2020, MYOB acquired a majority share in Workforce Management (WFM) Platform, Roubler. MYOB will integrate Roubler’s unique WFM functionality within its ERP suite, MYOB Advanced, resulting in a powerful end-to-end business management platform.

This investment will see MYOB become the first vendor in the Australian and New Zealand mid-market to offer an ERP, Payroll and WFM solution on a single, integrated platform.  

WFM software gives businesses the ability to plan, schedule, track and pay their employees. The new MYOB Advanced Workforce Management features will enable your organisation to: 

  • Manage your staff from anywhere, from any device 
  • Quickly create rosters and automate them based on employee skills 
  • Onboard new starters quickly and easy through their mobile device 
  • Ensure all shifts are accurately costed based on budget, before it reaches payroll through real-time award compliance 
  • Approve timesheets through automation and set up approvers for exceptions to streamline approvals 
  • Manage workforces with teams across multiple locations 
  • Empower employees with a dedicated mobile app which includes rosters, pay slips, leave and time capture 
  • Keep your team up to date with push notifications to alert them to their upcoming shifts or changes. 

MYOB general manager for Enterprise, Kim Clarke, stated that maintaining multi-vendor platforms across ERP, PS and WFM is a complex and costly exercise, and pressure on businesses will only increase as new requirements for compliance, mobility and flexibility emerge. 

“Now more than ever, businesses need to focus on their survival and growth. Customers have been very clear with us. ‘Make it easy. Give me a single, all-in-one platform’. We are incredibly proud to deliver this for our customers,” Clarke said.  

“Our market research revealed that significantly, nearly two thirds (65 percent) of customers would prefer to purchase ERP, PS and WFM solutions from a single vendor, however this unique capability hasn’t been possible — until now, that is.” 

“When we started out, we wanted to build a workforce management solution that was not only relevant, but that would change the industry. 

“This investment squarely demonstrates MYOB’s commitment to innovative, customer-led solutions, and more importantly – offers a compelling proposition for businesses seeking to adapt to the challenges of an increasingly complex workforce environment,” added Clarke. 

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Learn more about Roubler here.