A little bit about CVGT

CVGT provides employment services to some of Australia’s most vulnerable people in the disability, unemployment and justice sectors. With 119 sites across Australia and growing, they help thousands of participants find jobs and provide group training, apprenticeships and traineeships.

Meet the team

We sat down with their executive leadership team to learn how Wiise has helped their organisation prepare for the future. This case study includes snippets from our conversation with;

  • Ben, Finance Manager
  • Matt, Chief Financial Officer
  • Graham, Chairman of the Board and
  • John, Former CEO

Rapid growth and growing needs

As a major player in the employment and training space nationally, CVGT has 420 staff and operates in 120 locations across three states. But despite rapid growth in the past year, CVGT had a separate accounting and purchase order system. Managing both was time consuming and inefficient. Manual processes and administration were excessive. Reporting was tedious and took days. They were also concerned about the lack of control around purchase orders and spending. 

Key challenges faced

  • Compliance
  • No audit trails
  • Inaccurate data and reporting
  • Manual, disconnected processes
  • Losing paperwork
  • Approval workflow issues

“We’ve grown to over 400 employees in a 12 month period. The old (accounting) system would have needed double the hands on deck to facilitate the finance” says Matt, CFO.

One of CVGT’s biggest problems was the lack of control around purchase orders and spending. Like all NFPs, they need to monitor their expenses carefully. Their purchase order system was one of the key reasons they switched to Wiise.

“It was very manual, POs went missing a lot. And the system couldn’t support the appropriate approvals for payments”, explains Matt.

Moving into the digital era

CVGT needed to move away from their existing manual processes to a solution that would let them grow. They needed to be able to capture and analyse information using smart digital processes. They needed purchase orders and purchase order workflow approvals, Microsoft Office 365 integration and dimensional tagging. They wanted to manage their finances effectively, report on the financial status of the business accurately and maintain their compliance. Above all, they wanted a system that would let them grow.

“It’s an out of the box package but it has that ability for us to make those enhancements to meet our needs as we go”, emphasises Matt.

The right tools for growth

The CVGT team have been able to improve their processes, transition into the digital age and refocus on growing their operations nationally. Having sped up operations and minimised compliance risk, they now have more time back for the organisation. Access to real-time information has helped CVGT make more accurate, timely decisions. And with the ability to monitor cash flow and pay their suppliers on time, CVGT can continue to focus on helping communities across Australia.

A more sustainable future

For their people, seeing the leadership team investing in tools of trade and better ways to do things has increased job satisfaction.

Graham explains, “They’re excited to stay with us because they can see the vision, growth and opportunity. They can see how our investment in contemporary systems can help them do their jobs more easily and help us become more successful into the future.”

Times are changing for NFPs. They need to keep growing and innovating to keep up. CVGT are now better prepared for what’s to come.

Now with the ability to monitor cash flow and pay their suppliers on time, CVGT can continue to focus on helping communities across Australia.

“…there doesn’t seem to be any limits in Wiise- we can continue to grow.” Ben, Finance Manager

Benefits for CVGT

  • Clear, accurate and timely reporting
  • Ability to manage every transaction and assign it to the right cost centres and codes
  • Huge time savings across reporting, admin processes and operations
  • Ability to meet government compliance and requirements
  • Familiar and accessible system for all employees
  • Time back to focus on growing the organisation

Note: This is another Wiise Partners Customer Story

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