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Improving the time capture process

Keeping track of the time employees spend on a job has always been a challenge for businesses. Momentum TSA Job Clock provides MYOB Exo users with a simple solution to capture staff times for jobs.

Using an on-screen timer, Momentum TSA Job Clock allows users to easily create accurate time entries for a job, which are then sent to Exo Job Costing. Employees simply go into the application, select their name and job, and start the timer. Once the job is done they stop the timer and a time entry is automatically created. 


Greater visibility and control for managers

Managers have the ability to view and edit all active or completed jobs at any given time, including the employee assigned to that job and their start and finish times. Once a time entry is created, only managers can post times to Job Costing, giving you greater
control over the posting process. Using the application you can also see how many hours a particular employee has entered for that day, providing insight into employee activities.


Key features and benefits

  • Automatically creates time entries for a job
  • Seamless integration with Exo Job Costing
  • See all active jobs in real-time
  • Update or override time entries when required
  • Rounds times to the desired minutes
  • Reduces error rate for incorrect time capture
  • No duplication of time entry