As a manufacturing business do you struggle with the following?

  • Managing multiple products in multiple locations?
  • Keeping pace with stock movement?
  • Maintaining control of quality using separate legacy systems?
  • Forecasting?
  • Oversupply?
  • Excessive stock movement?

Every business as it grows often finds itself at a point where they are using a bunch of separate legacy systems purchased back in the day and none of them talk to each other. This results in double or sometimes triple entry, increased errors and a need for multiple spreadsheets to analyse the data. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If the business starts to grow it can be next to impossible to track materials, stock, which can lead to a downturn in customer service.

Once the business has grown to the point where this is no longer a viable option, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions start to be considered.

MYOB Advanced (cloud-based) and MYOB EXO (on-premise) ERP solutions are all-in-one integrated solutions which allow for behind the scenes analysis. You need a clear understanding of what’s driving your business and you need the ability to drill down to the details behind every transaction. Then you can make the right call when it comes to critical decisions.

“We have a system that can manage our manufacturing and distribution processes in one package, but more importantly, we know that we can trust our data – that’s a massive relief” – Tony Doige, ATP Science – Director

Paper-based or separate systems do not give you real-time visibility. They are slow, cumbersome and prone to human error. To get the job done, you need a system that gives you a unified view across all aspects of your business – finance, manufacturing, point-of-sale, fixed assets, customer management, reporting and inventory control.

A system that allows you to forecast and react efficiently

MYOB Enterprise Solutions like MYOB Advanced and MYOB EXO  empower your operation with a flexible business management system that gives you real-time stock intelligence – across the board.

It gives you full visibility, so you have:

  • Real-time data and integration to the fabrication process.
  • Multi-Level bills of material presenting both financial and engineering views
  • Capture manufacturing costs including material, labour, machine and more
  • Manage a multitude of product streams in multiple locations
  • Determine how much of a stock item to order and when
  • Have clarity of the actual cost of goods sold
  • Track items by serial number
  • Make informed decisions on pricing and margins.


Can we solve your Manufacturing concerns?

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