Mining Services

When you’re providing support services to mine sites, logistics can change daily. You need to be adaptable, have clarity on all your business processes and know exactly where your resources are. All so you can quickly relocate or reallocate whenever you win a contract

There are a number of key challenges facing the mining services industry.

  • Resource tracking – workforce differentials, multiple mining sites and a global supply chain make it difficult to monitor project resources.
  • Managing labour and operating costs – changing costs of individual projects, mine services and ad hoc programmes mean that accounting is complicated.
  • Industry compliance – ensuring that operations comply with strict industry regulations adds a layer of complexity and costs to the business.

Each of these places considerable demands on the workload of mining services management and payroll staff – when they could be focusing instead on being more competitive, increasing their service levels and revenue

“It gives us confidence in the integrity of our data across the entire business – and the reassurance that costs are accurate, up to the minute – wholly reliable.” – Administration Manager, Haynes Mechanical

Job Costing is much more than just knowing your costs. It’s about knowing the health of your business. Because by knowing that – by having that detailed intelligence on your business – you can make strategic decisions with absolute confidence.

Can we solve your Mining Services concerns?

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