Change Management: The Key to ERP Implementation Success

Ask anyone who has experienced the failure of an ERP implementation, and the contributing factor they are likely to point to is poor change management.

Embarking of an ERP implementation is a huge organisation transformation that requires all teams to be ready to take proactive initiative to learn and adapt to a new system and way of doing business. Without a positive change management culture, the success of an ERP implementation can be greatly diminished.

Yes, change can be uncomfortable. However, the most important thing to remember – and to help your employees understand – is that change when communication and done right, is a very good thing.

If your business is going well, introducing a new way of thinking can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. It is challenging, but leaders must ask: are we committed to excellence? If the answer is “yes”, then change management and improvement must become part of the businesses culture.

Your management team’s ability to effectively mitigate resistance to change is a critical skill to possess. Without true adoption, you will fail to maximise the potential of your digital assets and your future. Change management will assist greatly by helping employees understand the reason for the change. Change management creates a workplace culture that is open-minded and ready for change.

“Change for the right reasons is disruption – but with positive intent”

On the other hand, some resistance to change is not inherently bad. Getting a little pushback can be healthy for your management team, too. It forces management to choose their battles carefully. To carefully consider the changes they’re asking for and be ready to back their decisions. This goes a long way in getting employees buy-in. It also encourages good planning and communication, with the intent of addressing questions and concerns even before they’re brought to their attention.

Also ensuring your business has the resources in place to management change is important. Many organisations seek growth, but often fail to recognise the resources and time required to successfully implement a new way of doing things. Businesses who success ad thrive have an appetite for change and can see the big picture of improvement.

Change management should never be an afterthought or forgotten altogether when taking on an ERP project. As with any complex project, resistance to change is often the norm, not the expection. Expect it, prepare for it and manage it to minimise the impact that it can have.

The journey to a successful ERP implementation is not always smooth sailing with the a drive for change and positive outlook installed within your company culture, the journey is guaranteed to be easier.