Customers for Life

In a world where competing for business is fierce due to the sheer volume of competition on the ground and on-line, it is very easy for customers to move on if they’re not happy with their experience. This is the very reason that customer service is essential if you want to maintain and grow your business. Customers will only stay loyal if they have a good reason to. This means that you have to work very hard to keep them and build a relationship based on trust. Providing the best customer service will increase trust and build the relationship further.

Good customer service beats price.

Numerous surveys continue to find that more customers than not would prefer good customer service over price. In other words, they are willing to pay more to get the right experience.

Good customer service will build brand awareness.

We all know how powerful word of mouth is, especially if it is on your side. What your customers say about you to each other can make or break you. If you provide a customer with outstanding service, guess what they will do? Talk about you and remember you. They will even recommend you.

Good customer service reduces problems.

Stuff happens, issues happen, the world isn’t perfect. However, if you have a good relationship with your customer this usually means that a bit of friction doesn’t turn into a complete blow-out. Your customer will be comfortable enough to voice any concerns and know those concerns will be handled efficiently. The upside of this is that they will feel even more comfortable doing business with you because you understand them and their business.

Good customer service charms customers.

It’s no longer just about closing the sale, keeping your customer means catering to your customer. They expect a certain level of service, they expect to be treated as if they are in a relationship, not as a number. They want to be remembered, they want respect.

When you’re focused on customer retention you need to focus on the customer experience. Every single touch point they have with your business should be a good experience. From visiting your website to talking to support, they should feel satisfied that their needs were met.

Some points to remember to keep your customers sticky… and happy

•    Treat your customers exactly as you would want to be treated.

•    Be honest 100% of the time

•    A little bit of chit chat goes a long way – they’re human too.

•    Don’t be afraid to use a bit of humour

•    Thank them for their call no matter what it was about

One of Momentum’s core values is ‘Customers for Life’, which is why we are as proud as punch to win the 2018 MYOB Excellence in Customer Experience award. We believe this is a true endorsement of our efforts and it is extremely gratifying to know that our customers truly like us back.