July – getting off to a good start to the Financial Year

In July we’re often implementing the new plans, budgets, targets that we planned during the budgeting process (normally May).

From a business point of view that might require various changes including:-

  • People – restructuring teams, introducing or changing KPI’s, new people
  • Processes – new or refined processes and documentation
  • Sales & Marketing – executing new Marketing Plans and tactics
  • Operations – delivering on the new business plan

From a software point of view that might mean the following:-

  • People – use of HR software to manage people, changes, recruitment.  Tailored reports to manage KPI’s.
  • Processes – system menu’s & security are optimised to make processes easy to follow, and ensure appropriate access.
  • Sales & Marketing – ideally everything from marketing campaigns, new customers, quotes, sales, jobs is managed in one system.
  • Operations – ideally everything is managed in one system.  Key reports especially actuals to budget are produced from the system.

A weekly Management and/or Staff update on progress can then be issued and can take minutes, not hours to prepare if your software is working for you.