Navigating material shortages in the manufacturing industry with cloud ERP software

There’s no doubt that recent material shortages have hit many businesses hard especially in the manufacturing industry. Rising demand for products has turned from a blessing into a curse. Manufacturers are unable to meet demand because they can’t acquire the raw materials needed to make their products.

Navigating these challenges, including rising prices and decreased availability only becomes harder without clear visibility into your manufacturing operations. Though the supply chain cannot be controlled by manufacturers, challenges can be reduced to a great extent by using a suitable cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Urgent actions demand faster decision making based on accurate data.

Manufacturing ERP software gives manufacturers a clear insight into current and future business performance, proving a 360-degree view of the company. An ERP system brings together all a business’s disparate applications into one comprehensive end-to-end system. Data from all departments is fed into the centralized solution, where it is then synchronized so that employees can view updated, critical business information in real time. This real time visibility gives management the ability to make critical business decisions based off accurate data which is essential in these challenging times.

Such an all-encompassing view allows manufacturers to scrutinize every aspect of their businesses, including supply chain channels. Instead of responding late to pain points, like backlogged orders or missed shipments, they can identify and mitigate disruptions before they occur by monitoring the KPIs that the ERP system provides.

Features included in Manufacturing ERP Software like Material Requirement Planning (MRP) are also key to planning your material needs to fulfil current demand and look ahead based on forecasts. MRP functionality helps streamline the manufacturing process through production planning, scheduling, and inventory control.

ERP solutions also increase efficiency—meaning that, where possible, manufacturers can reduce the number of materials used per product, decreasing their own demand for supplies and ultimately relieving shortages.

Discover how a comprehensive manufacturing ERP solution can help your manufacturing business navigate the material shortage challenges worldwide providing:

  • Better communication and faster decision making
  • Sophisticated forecasting and analytics
  • Improved automation
  • Streamlined business process
  • Effective Risk Management

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