Modernize Time Management, Extend your ERP Investment

Simple and Seamless

An at-the-ready solution for collecting, planning, and managing employee time. Offer end-users a modern and intuitive interface for easy timesheets. Improve collection of critical time, budget, and costing data, and transfer it to your key business systems.

Real-Time Answers

With over 80 reports, ClickTime offers instant insights about your business. Enable approvers, managers, or others to understand something as simple as outstanding timesheets, or as sophisticated as up-to-the-moment project performance and costing. Make information accessible because time equals money.

Built for your Business

More access. More insights. More customization. Flexible and configurable features allow timesheets and billing requirements to fit your existing business processes. Set custom billing rates based on project, employee, client, or more. Or — let your existing workflows and processes prepopulate project and job data within ClickTime for your team to use.