One Product. Integrate your Applications. Automate your Business.

Flow is an EDI and system integration software that is fast to implement and gives immediate results without expensive programming. It delivers outstanding flexibility, performance and genuine integration with speed and sophistication.

Flow is suitable for:

  • Businesses wanting to undertake EDI with customers or suppliers for automatic paperless transactions with direct integration links into your back end system. Receive e-orders, send e-purchase orders and invoices.
  • Organisations needing to integrate diverse applications such as back-end ERP systems with online E-commerce websites. Pull sales orders directly into the accounting system for processing. Integrate back-end systems with CRM systems for a ‘one version of the truth’ view of customers, with contact details automatically updated across the different applications.
  • SaaS customers requiring integration capabilities between multiple applications that are being hosted, either separately or by completely different hosting partners.
  • Software applications vendors & providers needing a common integration platform.
  • Corporate information technology departments requiring a versatile integration platform that may need extra connections, or flexibility, that is not currently available.


When looking into EDI we wanted to remove the complexity that seemed to be involved.  The Flow product did just that and we’ve been able to significantly automate our business while keeping things simple.

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