Momentum Asset Advantage

Asset Maintenance is traditionally complex and difficult to manage. As your business grows, so does the list of assets you need to maintain. Effective asset management is critical for long term success, and can drive efficiencies to reduce costs and improve service quality. Momentum Asset Advantage takes the complexity out of asset maintenance, and helps you free up and manage resources to make maintaining assets a profitable part of your business. Combining the features of MYOB EXO Fixed Assets, Serviceable Units and Job Costing, with additional custom features designed to support your business, Momentum Asset Advantage allows you to easily manage assets, including depreciation, maintenance and running costs, as well as schedule and track maintenance tasks and keep historical usage records.  

Key Features

  • Auto-create and update a serviceable unit from a fixed asset
  • Auto-create and update a serviceable unit from a serial tracked stock item (when sold)
  • Auto-create a resource (for job scheduling) from a serviceable unit
  • Auto-link a serviceable unit to a job from a resource schedule
  • Enter historical usage for serviceable units (e.g. km’s or hours at a given date)
  • Enhanced serviceable units due for service dashboard
  • Email reminders of service due

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