Momentum Easy Maintenance

Maintain Data Integrity

Momentum Easy Maintenance is an add-on that allows you to quickly and easily create backups of your live MYOB EXO database.You can run on demand or scheduled backups of your live database before you complete year end procedures, stock take, or any other key processes, which acts as a safety net and protects your data.With a few clicks you can also copy your live database to a test database. This allows you to train new staff or experiment with new procedures and transactions, without compromising the integrity of your live data.

Added Protection and Peace of Mind

For added protection, Momentum Easy Maintenance does an automatic backup of critical EXO folders, protecting your custom reports, forms and documents from external threats.

Key Features:

  • On demand or scheduled backup of your live database
  • Restore a database from backup
  • Copy MYOB EXO ‘Live’ to ‘Test’
  • Automatic backup of critical EXO folders
  • Create custom backups and regularly refresh them from your live system
  • Terminate inactive users
  • Maintain custom lookup fields

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