Momentum Timesheet Advantage

Entering accurate time against jobs is essential for profitability, and with Momentum Timesheet Advantage you can streamline this process and eliminate duplicated data entry by managing job and payroll information in a single application. Fully integrated with MYOB EXO Job Costing and MYOB EXO Payroll, Momentum Timesheet Advantage allows you to enter a timesheet directly against a job, ready to be invoiced. Individual staff members can enter their own timesheet information, or a manager (with sufficient permissions) can enter or edit timesheet information for any staff member. Managers can then view, edit and approve jobs for invoicing and payroll.  

Key Features

  • Employees can enter their own timesheets, or a manager can enter or edit timesheets for any employee
  • Enter time to jobs for wage and salary employees
  • Enter leave taken, disbursements and allowances
  • Managers can view, edit and approve jobs for invoicing and payroll
  • Compare actual hours against your budget
  • View a breakdown of employee times, including overtime and leave breakdown, before posting to payroll
  • Can use a timer to record times
  • Restrict stock codes to those quoted on the job
  • Enter narratives, split lines, or write-off as per MYOB EXO Job Costing
  • Controlled payroll posting process to ensure accuracy
  • Posts ‘live’ to MYOB EXO Job Costing (live WIP)

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