MYOB EXO Job Costing

MYOB EXO Job Costing is designed to accommodate the whole life cycle of a job or project from quote and budget through to profitability analysis and variance reporting. EXO Job Costing helps you manage the profitability of your jobs and projects in real time by providing direct visibility of all of your input, process and time costs, including consulting hours, equipment hours, inventory, labour hours, materials and subcontractors.  

Features and Benefits:

  • Job planning and scheduling
  • Master and sub-job structures for more accurate control over large jobs or projects
  • Customisable business alerts that monitor the status and progress of jobs
  • Flexible estimating
  • Customisable quote forms allowing varying levels of detail to be presented to customers
  • Manage inventory issues, staff and equipment time cards and job billing
  • Multiple methods of billing including time and materials, as quoted and milestone or claim schedules
  • Maintain bill of materials and use Job Costing to control the manufacturing process of stock for customers (to order) or for stocking

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