Payapps is an award-winning cloud-based solution modernising progress payment claim management in construction. Integrating seamlessly with MYOB AccountRight and MYOB Advanced, it offers real-time synchronisation of project, contract data, and financials. With features like automated invoice and bill entry, subcontract management, and variation tracking, Payapps enhances efficiency and accuracy for your business.

It simplifies progress claims, ensures clear audit trails, and facilitates the management of retention and variations. Catering to both subcontractors and main contractors, Payapps streamlines progress claim processes, fostering transparency and collaboration in the construction industry.

Payapps Integration with MYOB Advanced

Geared towards main contractors of large-scale projects, this integration offers real-time data syncing, ensuring high-level project and contract management efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Real-time synchronisation of project and contract data, including instant transfer of approved claims as bills.
  • Detailed Work Breakdown Structure in Payapps for greater accuracy in contract works and cost management.
  • Separate management of Change Orders from original contract works.
  • Enhanced approval workflows and notification systems within Payapps.
  • Real-time validations to ensure system alignment and accuracy.

Overall Benefits

Payapps, with its MYOB integrations, offers a comprehensive solution for different stakeholders in the construction industry. It facilitates better financial management, ensures compliance, and reduces the risk of disputes, making the entire process of progress claims management smoother and more reliable.

  • Streamlines payment processes for both subcontractors and main contractors.
  • Reduces time spent on processing and approving payment claims.
  • Minimises disputes and enhances compliance with industry regulations.
  • Improves overall financial management and operational efficiency in construction projects.

This integration positions Payapps as a vital tool in the construction industry, simplifying complex processes and contributing to successful project management and completion.

For a deeper dive, our progress claim experts will show you how Payapps revolutionises MYOB system management and claim processing, get in touch with Momentum.

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