Sharperlight helps you access data easily

Sharperlight is enterprise-wide reporting and analysis at your fingertips… for all of your data sources.

Enhance your decision-making by slicing, dicing and drilling into your live data.
Enable secure reporting in Excel, in the modern web browser and Power BI.

Using Sharperlight will save you time and give you unprecedented, remote access and visibility of your data, plus the ability to securely distribute reports and analysis using tools and visualizations your teams will understand.

Unbelievably powerful reporting and analysis for all of your data

  • Enterprise wide reporting
  • Set up for Remote Working
  • Live Reports Directly into Excel
  • Powerful Dashboards & Web Reports
  • Build your own custom solutions
  • Automate and batch process
  • Out-of-the-box connectors to many ERP’s
  • Simplifiy your Reporting Processes
  • Save Time & Money


  • Enterprise Reports
  • Solution Development
  • Data Capture
  • Datamodel Development
  • Report Scheduling
  • Legacy Data

Supported Connectors

Sharperlight and Wiise

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