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Complete Process Manufacturing Solution for MYOB Advanced

Acu Process Manufacturing (APM) is a native application built within the MYOB Advanced cloud xRP platform that helps manage the exclusive needs of Process manufacturers fully integrated with other ERP modules. 

Modules such as Formulation, Packaging Bill of Material, Production, Quality, Properties, Estimates, Compliance & EHS, Labeling & Data Collection are integrated with core modules of MYOB Advanced cloud ERP such as Finance, Distribution, and CRM. The solution can be scaled to meet the needs of companies of any size.

APM manages the critical requirements of batch process manufacturers in Chemical, F&B, Pharma, Nutra, Botanical Extracts, Personal Care, Hemp/CBD, O&G, Agri Products, Industrial Products like Janitorial/Sanitation, Adhesives, Coating & Paints industries. Other fits are where production process has a mixed mode (i.e) Batch production and discrete assembly or even Discrete Productions with multiple outputs – product, co-products, by-products.  Businesses that produce flagship products and distributes or for contract manufacturers, custom formulators, private labeling service providers. 

Formulation/Recipe Management Module helps the Product development Team with varied options for defining the ingredients & routing steps. Some of the features include defining Products, Co-Products, and By-Products, Access & Version control, Multi-level Approvals, Documenting SOP/Manufacturing instructions, tracking WIP Yield or Process Losses, Flexible and comprehensive costing. 

Packaging BOM helps in defining the Product Packaging, e.g., Bottles, Cases, Pallets. The separation of Formula/Recipe from Package BOM aids in focused data sharing relevant to the specific team. 

Production execution includes issuing raw materials/components, recording labor hours or equipment usage, Lot Control ability, Multiple Valuation Methods, Handling Scraps, Returning Over Issues, Reversing Data Entry Errors. The solutions handle distinctive manufacturing processes like Blending/Mixing bulk intermediates using Formulas and fill or containerization or Assembly using Package BOM. Repacking or Rework can be executed. Other features include tracking Equipment Calibration, WIP Checklists/Inspections, WIP Yield Losses, SOP Durations, Sign-offs, Toggle Units, Costing Simulators, Estimates.

Quality Control is integrated with Purchase, Production, and Sales cycle. Quality profile can be defined for Material, Equipment Maintenance, Location Inspection. The cost of quality can be tracked and COA are synched to Customer Portal. 

Compliance – Safety Data Sheets can be authored and distributed from the Application. Other Regulatory & EHS documents like Incidents, Near Misses, Audits, Deviation Records, Investigations with Non-Conformance and RCA, CAPA can be created and managed inside the Application.

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