TOKN creates innovative enterprise software solutions that enable the enterprise to substantially improve productivity, safety and workforce engagement.

It allows you to customise workflows by connecting your current enterprise software to native apps on smartphones and tablets. With a focus on mining industry solutions, labour hire software solutions, community care software and field service & mobile workforce management software, TOKN lets you build the enterprise mobility apps you need to manage data and devices the way you want.


  • Create ERP mobile apps. Build a BYOD culture and remove duplication by leveraging your current system data.


  • Create workflows the way you need and manage your mobile application lifecycle.


  • Make it yours. Tweak that tool you’ve been dreaming of with TOKN’s easy-to-learn, low-code app design system. Build it in your company colours, style and to meet your exact requirements.


  • Remotely wipe and blacklist devices from accessing TOKN Apps. Mitigate the risk of data breaches in the case of lost or stolen devices. Enable Geo Ring fence capabilities to create a geofence preventing use of the app in certain locations.


  • Automate processes and control devices within the Internet of Things. From monitoring activities to upscaling productivity in production, know that your business is future-proofed for the IoT revolution.



  • Create amazing apps in minutes using our templated apps and low code app development workbench.
  • Take full control of your workforce with our Mobile Administration Console – remotely manage your Users, Apps and Devices.
  • Integration with MYOB Advanced and Greentree.
  • Cloud service with zero installation.
  • Full offline capability.
  • White Labelling – Fully branded to your business.
  • Bi-Factor authentication standard for all apps.
  • Bring Your Own Device – Compatible with IOS v11+, Android v6+ and Windows 10 – (incl Desktop)
  • Full GEOlocation capability for all apps

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