Still in love with spreadsheets?

You may have moved your business to MYOB Advanced to take advantage of the single source of truth and have real-time data at your fingertips but come end of month you still like working in spreadsheets to manipulate the data and pull the reports exactly the way your accountant wants to see them.

Introducing Velixo! 

Velixo makes excel based financial reporting a breeze for the CFO and accountant. 

  • Seamlessly connect Excel with your Advanced data
  • View live, up-to-date results while building reports
  • Save time with no more exports or manual entry
  • Build any type of report
  • Get detailed insight through Smart Drilldown
  • Consolidate data from multiple sources
  • Secure your access
  • No learning curve – you can start immediately
  • Have unlimited Excel users
  • Load and refresh data in a matter of seconds
  • Add borders, icons, conditional formatting, colors, charts, graphs, and logos easily
  • Use multiple tabs and reports in a single package
  • And more

Excel is everywhere and everyone knows how to use it.

Velixo simply adds new function to it, so you’re not learning a new product. It offers users the flexibility, ease-of-use and simplicity required for more complex financial reporting and project reporting through Excel.

Velixo uses a feature in Advanced called role-level securty which means that users can only view the numbers and results specific for them and the locations they manage. 

Velixo is a cross-industry financial management and reporting solution that will revolutionise your end of month and end of year as well as your more regular reporting requirements. You will always be working with the most up-to-date data. Changes you make to formulas and cells are reflected immediately in your spreadsheet. Easily update the cell to see the P&L of another branch, or run it for a different financial period. To track travel expenses for a project over time, just copy the column to the right and every formula will follow. In brief, everything you know and love about Excel works just like you’re used to.

Velixo support many of the important features you already have in Advanced and has full drill down and drill through. You can click on any calculation in Excel and get all the way to the original transaction. Velixo also use the same security model, which means you don’t have to set up another set of users and passwords. All the permissions you’ve set up in Advanced apply, including some of the more advanced security features.