Company Overview

Palm Island Barge Company is a family owned and operated barge service in Lucinda, North Queensland. They run a daily barge service from the Port of Lucinda to Palm Island and a monthly service to Orpheus Island using their two vessels, the ‘MV Olympic’ and ‘Lady Fraser’. The business provides a range of services for passengers, vehicles, and cargo freight including the transportation of building materials, raw materials as well as chiller/ freezer goods to Palm Island.

The company hit a curb with their former accounting software when processes became difficult and time consuming. Louise Reid, Administrations Manager at Palm Island Barge Company says their greatest pain point was the inability to search for information. “Looking for freight was a pain! We couldn’t search by name, so we had to go through everything to find that one item”. Their previous system was not logical or user friendly, consequently the company required another solution to meet their processing needs.

Finding the Perfect Solution

Palm Island Barge Company approached MYOB directly and they suggested MYOB Advanced. Momentum Software Solutions was recommended to the company by MYOB to implement MYOB Advanced, an ERP system which would soon streamline their operations completely.

“The support Momentum provided to us was excellent”

“Working with Momentum was very easy! Everything was very logical and explained in simple terms. I am not a very technical person at all, and I found it easy to understand” Reid states. “The support Momentum provided to us was excellent!” she further exclaims. “When we went live, it probably took the team a week to get used to it”. “It was a bit of a shock at first and there were a few things, that weren’t the fault of Momentum which weren’t seamless going live”. “But we had the constant support of Momentum whenever we needed, so it was comforting knowing that any issues we ran into would be addressed immediately”.

Streamlined Processes

Momentum’s implementation of MYOB Advanced has now streamlined many processes that once created huge restrictions for the company. Creating reports and searching for information can now be achieved effortlessly. It was crucial Palm Island Barge Company have a system with the capacity to search and track all items. “We need to know how much and what freight we are moving at any one time. When customers are looking for their freight now, there are so many ways to search and track that item, it’s so good”.

“It’s made our processes so much better and a lot more cost effective, time wise”

Reid also admits that MYOB Advanced is extremely user friendly. The company now has the capability to train their employees on a range of different processes within the business. Previously, role flexibility was limited as a result of their nonuser friendly system, which created constraints training staff in different duties. Additionally, invoicing has now been streamlined with the ability to invoice customers the same day which wasn’t achievable before MYOB Advanced. According to Reid “It’s made our processes so much better and a lot more cost effective, time wise”.

“The best thing about working with Momentum is their response time and urgency, there is always support available”

Always There to Help

“Our overall experience working with Momentum has been really positive”. Reid states. “The best thing about working with Momentum is their response time and urgency, there is always support available”. “Any enquiries we may have, Momentum will direct to the person who specializes in what I am after, there’s no issues of going through multiple people to get an answer or problem solved”. Now, the more time Palm Island Barge Company spend using MYOB Advanced, the more in control and less reliant on support from Momentum they are.  The means of implementing an ERP solution like MYOB Advanced is a process but working with Momentum, Reid describes was a “really great experience, we didn’t have any issues at all”.

Case Studies