A little bit about Pro Seafoods

Pro Seafoods is an international seafood company, supplying ethically-sourced, environmentally friendly and sustainable seafood. With over 30 years of experience in the global seafood industry, Pro Seafoods works with top domestic and international producers. They supply and market premium seafood products to major seafood retailers and wholesalers across Australia.

Meet Amy, ICT and Procurement Manager 

We chatted with Amy to understand why Pro Seafoods chose Wiise and how Wiise has helped their business. This case study includes snippets from our conversation.


Struggling to keep up

In 2014, Pro Seafoods were running a pretty straight-forward business. They had two successful, seasonal product lines. At that time, their whole business was managed in Excel spreadsheets. In a short period of time, Pro Seafoods started to grow and gain more customers. They were eagerly looking to diversify their product line and expand their operations nationally. But as they added more product lines to their offering and sales continued to increase, they had to manage more manual administration.

Key challenges faced

  • No accurate visibility on their stock or inventory
  • Manual processes when it came to PO’s caused human error
  • Missing out on invoices, sales and purchase orders due to manual processes
  • No visibility on delivery timeframes or ability to track orders
  • Team would spend 80% of their time on administrative processes
  • Couldn’t access their data on the go
  • Current system couldn’t scale with their business
  • Couldn’t account for shipping fees and taxes before importing goods
  • Weren’t able to forecast accurately or plan ahead

Ticking all the boxes

Pro Seafoods needed a system that would allow them to grow, so they could focus on profit, their customers and their products.

They had four key requirements. Be able to manage their entire supply chain, goods and customers in one place. To be able to streamline processes. And to minimise errors and increase efficiencies. Based on their business complexity, they knew that basic accounting software would not meet their needs. They needed enterprise-level functionality to manage accounting, inventory and vendors, and that could handle large volumes of transactions. All in one place.

Pro Seafoods looked at a number of solutions in market. From Netsuite to Business Central. They found Wiise to be the perfect fit.

Our biggest goal was to streamline our processes, We wanted to move away from managing our entire stock on a speadsheet

Business as usual

The goal was to streamline processes and make managing Pro Seafoods easier and Wiise helped them do just that. Processing each sale used to take an hour — it now takes 15 minutes. They’re saving time previously wasted on managing large sales volumes, and they’re speeding up their admin. Plus, the familiar Microsoft interface meant the transition was easy — it felt like business as usual.

They no longer needed two full-time admin roles to process orders, invoices and do follow-ups. This meant they could take the extra headcount and reshuffle them into a marketing and sales role. No longer needing to manage process heavy and tedious tasks, one person can focus on growing, marketing and promoting the business and the other on managing vendors, suppliers and orders. 

“Managing our inventory and stock is a lot easier. Now that everything is in Wiise, we don’t need to re-key information all the time. This has saved us a lot of time.”

Why Wiise?

  • Wiise was built on a secure, realible Microsoft-based platform
  • Affordable subscription model helped cost Wiise as an OPEX
  • Landed costing allowed them to account for importing feeds ahead of time
  • Unlimited transactions gave Pro Seafoods reassurance it could handle growth
  • Microsoft Office 365 integration helped the team work out of Outlook
  • Having access to customers, purchase orders, invoices in one place
  • Clever inventory, stock handling and forecasting
  • Data was housed in secure, Microsoft Azure, servers locally
  • Wiise had bank feeds, EFT’s and an Australian customised Chart of Accounts

Note: This is another Wiise Partners customer story

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